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We are planning a weekend house, in which a couple, their children, and relatives gather, on a south-facing flat land that was developed in a mountain slop. Tall trees densely grow in front of the site and bright sunshine filter through the trunk and branches.

 The space will become too closed off towards the wonderful setting when the requested individual bedroom, drawing room and bathroom are partitioning off with ordinary walls. On the contrary, building only with pillars, doors and windows are too wide open. I considered a way of partitions that is not like how pillars or walls do and, as a result, proposed to create space with a structural body that is made of combination of pillars and flat walls using assembled wooden posts. The strength as a structural body was added by bundling up wooden pillar materials. Where structural reinforcement and spatial intonation is needed, much pillar materials and partial storage space are arranged.

 In addition, a big terrace that extends towards the slope was made as the client`s request. I hope density of copse is regained in the developed land made by emptying the trees at the location and to create a living space protected at the same time wide open by gently connecting to the nearby environment.

 Structural system: wood
Major materials: wooden column
Site area:800㎡
Footprint area:135.0 ㎡